Our Vision

A better world with unlimited innovations

Our vision to see a better world through innovative technologies and creative solutions to improve all walks of life, cultivating a greener earth, benefiting all.

Our Mission

To be a Powerhouse Unicorn Breeder

Our aim is to acquire carefully selected tech startups with cutting edge technology that has scalability and is impactful to the Environment, is Socially sustainable and has transparent Governance.

Our Values

We conduct all our businesses with a forward thinking approach and unlimited creativity. Our core values are; Legacy, High Performance, Growth & Integrity.

Acquiring and Nurturing Promising Tech-Startups

We are a global company with a primary focus on investing to companies with  cutting-edge technology, scalable system and sustainable innovations

Key Industries


Cutting-edge and innovative Technologies that is within the real estate and infrastructure development ecosystem 


Innovations within the Green Energy Efficiency Industry, Foldable, Prefab & Sustainable Homes, Water Recycling Solutions.

Disrupting traditional means of operations by cutting waste, excessive paperwork, cumbersome monitoring, increasing efficiency and effectiveness with an impact on the Environmental, Social and Governance factors.


Enabling cross-border seamless transactions, company to company to individuals to shops to individuals to company.


Capturing and analysing data from multiple sources for better solutions, user friendliness for better lifestyle using AI solutions and automation.

Our First Startup Acquisition

Projagg is a B2B Real Estate & Infrastructure Development Platform that aims to build its ecosystem and bring them together to one platform for a secure, more transparent and accountable collaboration. We want to help Real Estate Developers break the barriers of getting feasible & impactful projects completed across the globe without the fear of failure, lack of funds, team and global resources. Read more...

Latest Press Release

The Real Estate and Infrastructure Development market is estimated to hover above US$6 Trillion in 2018, according to Oxford economics. This will continue to spike up due to China's aggressive push for their One Belt One Road Initiative and the ramping up of infrastructure across South East Asia as well as the US. It is expected to surpass US$9.2 Trillion by 2025.

With the world's population congregating in first, second and third tier cities, there will be more developments and these infrastructure will have to cope with the incoming stream of people from around the country and the world.


General Information:

101 Convention Centre Drive, Suite 900,

Las Vegas, Nevada, 89109.

Tel: (725) 999-5888
Email: info@LHGIncorp.com

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