Dr. Charlie In


Charlie In has more than 40 years of business experience and spent the last 20 years providing investment and private banking advisory services in China. He has invested in and listed many PRC companies outside China.


Charlie was an advisor to AXA, BASF, Citibank, DBS, Hilton, IBM, Microsoft, Motorola, Siemens, Volvo. He was Chairman of several public-listed companies listed on the ASX and SGX.


He was the Chairman of the Direct Marketing Association of Singapore, advisor to Asia Pacific Management Institute and the People's Association of Singapore.


He was an adjunct faculty member of the Singapore Institute of Management for 20 years and 17 years at the University of South Australia. He has taught MBA classes at China’s Jiaotong, Renmin, Beijing, and Tsinghua universities.


Charlie won the 2010 Big Ben Golden Mulberry Award as the Most Respected Financial Writer for his "Family Financial Freedom" book published by Tsinghua University Press. His “The A to Z of Achieving Abundance For Financial Freedom” book hit the China top-selling chart in 2017.


Charlie holds a marketing diploma from the UK Chartered Institute of Marketing, an MBA from the University of East Asia, Macau, and a post-graduate qualification from ADMA/Macquarie University of Australia.


He is now chairman of Raffles Financial Group Limited.