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Letter to Shareholders

First of all, I would like to express my appreciation for your continued understanding, support, and trust during these exceptional times. For the past 2 years, Lighthouse has been operating with very limited resources but through the management determination and steadfast dedication in putting the interests of the Shareholders, we still strive to create growth and economic value for all.


Despite the uncertainties in the economy and the company's current financial state, we would like to assure the shareholders that we will be continuing our commitment to transform LHGI from what it is now to a full spectrum company, achieving our long-term vision of becoming a “Unicorn Breeder”.


As a demonstration of our commitment and capability, we have made significant turnaround strategies to balance our needs for a stable cash flow; producing healthy and constant revenue streams, and our desire to drive up LHGI value in multiple growths over the years.


The management finds it prudent to place priority for LHGI to reposition it as a revenue generator than to wait upon successes of its acquisitions, like the Venture Capitalist strategy.


Having said that, we have derived 3 core revenue-generating models,


1) Co-General Partnership with licensed Fund Manager in Singapore

  • as a Co-GP, LHGI will earn at least 1% of the Management Fee on the amount raised for each Fund

  • LHGI will also be earning from Performance Fees of the Fund

  • as a Co-GP, these Funds will only fund projects on the Projagg platform

  • this will inevitably kick off the Projagg eco-system itself, generating revenue for Projagg

  • and increasing both Projagg and LHGI valuation


This will surely benefit LHGI as a holdings company as we will be generating multiple streams of revenue just by positioning LHGI as a Co-GP.


2) Asset Management Fees and Operational Profits

  • as a Co-GP, we will be open to many opportunities to manage assets and fees

  • we will also take advantage of distressed boutique hotels/resorts to take over, own, or leased, at a huge discount and great entry prices

  • we have the expertise, management team, technology to value-add and develop new concepts for this pandemic stricken economy


Again, these projects will also be transacted via Projagg and adding more revenue and track record to Projagg. It will also bring new revenue streams to LHGI.


3) Profits and Dividends on Project Investments

  • LHGI will target very specific projects as an investment either as equity or debt or both

  • LHGI will also seek out healthy and promising REITs and Equities to lock in a percentage of our cash equivalents for liquidity purposes

  • Projects must be placed on Projagg to qualify as an investment by LHGI



We have identified initiatives to make remarkable operational and financial progress. These are the focus areas and strategic priorities which we believe will set LHGI towards longevity and sustainability.


Among which are:


1. Recapitalization


Most of our efforts now are raising capital to boost optimal health to our balance sheet. We need to supplement our cash flow for us to spark new business activities. We started to present our business via Reg S, targetting non-US citizens, mainly presenting to potential investors in Singapore and nearby regions. The aim is to raise a minimum of $50k to a maximum of $3M. The subscription price will vary based on the 10-day simple moving average market price, upon the closing date. The capital raised will be used to initiate our investment objectives of acquiring and repositioning boutique hotels and resorts. Part of the fund will also be used to sponsor the REDV fund and prepare for the launch of Projagg 

2. Strategic Partnership

We have established partners with complementary capabilities so we can execute our objectives as efficiently and as quickly as possible, with mitigated risk. We aim to build on each other’s strengths and fill in gaps in areas of growth. While identifying the key industry of our venture, we also ensure that we have the right team to back us up. The foundation of a successful venture is a collaboration of well-versed individuals with different and unique skills sets orchestrated to work towards the same goal.

Let me share with you the key relationships we have developed over the past months.




3. Competitive Strength

Leveraging our expertise and experience, we have competitive strength in the areas of real estate assets, management and development, infrastructure, technology, and sustainable investing. Real Estate is the biggest asset class in the world, serving a $234 trillion market size. It is probably the first choice for many Family Offices as a preferred and secured investment. Though competitive, we believe we have a niche in specific sectors of this market.

4. Alignment of Interest

All our efforts, activities, and resources revolve around one sector – real estate. From fundraising to asset acquisitions, 

to management, we intend to use Projagg as the center of our core organizational and operational objectives. We believe by increasing the value and the success of Projagg will hugely increase the value for all our shareholders of LHGI. Apart from that, all other future acquisitions and investments will also be plugins to the Projagg ecosystem. 

5. Focusing on core activities and geographical segmentation

We have identified our business’ competitive advantage and we want to stay focused on strengthening them. We would like to increase our core focus on areas that we believe we can deliver and can steer faster revenue. 

We will focus on serving the APAC region as we believe its economy will rise quicker globally. Also, being the core team based in Singapore, the epicenter of APAC, it is a waste for us not to. 

Along with these efforts, we want to strengthen our sense of responsibility to achieve better undertakings over time.

  1. More Transparent

    We will strive to provide greater transparency and more information so you could better understand how our business is performing. We want you to know our thought process on why we come to lead the company in that direction with such solutions.

  2. More Focus
    It is essential for us to fiercely focus on generating revenue for LHGI and to kickstart Projagg, despite the Covid-19 pandemic. We want to be more proactive in raising funds specifically for generating multiple streams of revenue.


  3. More Result-oriented
    We want to be result-oriented every quarter. Whatever minuscule steps we take every quarter, we are slowly but surely drawing closer to our goals. The success of raising capital is crucial and whatever support we can get from all our shareholders will be deeply appreciated.

We hope to retain our strength and confidence, despite the challenges, we remained focused on our vision and mission, transforming adversity into opportunity.


Projagg Update:

Projagg was developed to help property developers/builders to reduce their risk to project failure by developing a seamless and trusted platform and community where they can collaborate and share resources towards a common goal. Through the platform, developers can find aid in designing their funding needs, raising capital, sourcing for industry professionals, and executing tenders as well as tracking and monitoring development milestones.

To date, the Projagg platform has been developed to deliver these 3 key features.

  • Developer/Funding Marketplace

  • Online TenderSys Application

  • Vaultchain Technology


The recent version of the platform already allows property developers to:


  1. Submit their project proposal and showcase its feasibility and profitability to the funding community.

  2. Access to a variety of incredible available projects to develop, joint venture, and build a network of investors, professionals, and support teams that make their project a success.

  3. Create and submit tenders online, remotely, to track, monitor, authenticate qualified persons, approve and verify milestones and payments.


Our Funding Community will include investors such as Family Offices, Funds, Institutional, and High Networth Investors. Any individual accredited investor can also sign up as a user and get access to browse incredible premium real estate investment opportunities and fund promising real estate projects of their mandate.


The data room allows the investors to screen through, review and evaluate the proposal submitted by the developers.


The proprietary 2-Tier Vaultchain Technology also provides all investors the confidence and peace of mind on their investment. The Vaultchain Technology will eliminate fraud, abuse, misuse, and misappropriation on the use of funds. This will address the issues of trust, risks, transparency, and fair play. The blockchain component allows the investors to monitor the development milestones for payment and disbursement directly to all vendors, contractors, and consultants.


Another user base that Projagg caters to is the industry professionals. Architects, QS, Contractors, Designers, Engineers, Project Managers, and vendors can sign up as users and participate in any available qualified tenders. Each company may register all their related staff involved in the projects to ensure transparency in communications.


The first version caters to a general scope that targets the most needs of the RED(Real Estate Development) industry. As Projagg grows its team, we will definitely look into refinement and addressing more possible solutions to help the RED community to be more efficient and effective.


Meanwhile, we believe that with current features, Projagg will be able to start generating revenue through premium account fees, closing fees, and tender admin fees. Once launch, we want to focus first on growing its user base, enhancing its features and benefits to all users.


To view a glimpse of how Projagg works, click the video links below:


Jem Castro
Managing Director