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Letter to Shareholders

Dear Shareholders,



We have been continually exploring ways to initiate LHGI profitability and enhance its corporate value over the long term. Amidst a challenging business environment, we stand steadfast in our commitment to bring LHGI to its vision.


We recently announced our need for recapitalization in order to execute our new business plan for generating multiple streams of revenue, We were transparent that without new capital, LHGI holds an uncertain future.


And through our constant efforts to connect to investors, we came across another public company that has expressed its interest to explore opportunities with LHGI.


Raffles Financial Group is a Diversified Financial Services Company Listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE: RICH), and OTC Markets QX (OTCQX: RAFFF)

You may also visit their site for further perusal. -


RAFFF has a strong revenue of $6.3M, as of Q2 2020. The chairman of the company, Dr Charlie In, is a veteran investor and had run multiple Public Listed companies globally.

His CV is attached for your reference.


Dr. In has proposed an alignment of interest between RAFFF and LHGI.


In this regard, we shall be conducting an EGM, on 3rd December (Friday), 7.30pm(SGT).

The main agendas are to discuss the deal with Raffles, how you can benefit as a shareholder, and other possible exit strategy.


Dr In will be our invited guest to explain and highlight what he intends to achieve for RAFFF in the near future. And how RAFFF can assist LHGI to sustain and embark on its new business plans.


We hope that you can join us this friday for our EGM. Your attendance is highly important.


Looking forward to a favorable outcome for all of us.


Thank you.