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Letter to Shareholders

Dear Shareholders,


Greetings in the New Year 2021.


2020 was a tumultuous year for many, all over the world. Lighthouse, unfortunately, was not spared.


Much effort, development, preparation went down the drain in 1 short year. Projagg, our core potential engine of value and growth was held back and all projects in our pipeline were halted. It was a double whammy for us when some potential Family Offices and Investors who were previously keen to participate in funding some of the new projects decided to take a back seat till the Covid virus situation is more certain. It's like everything we planned for was thrown back to 2019.


I believe many of you have also suffered as our share value had dropped drastically. I truly understood all frustrations and disappointments. But for those who held on and continue to believe in us, we will strive to outperform in 2021 and gain back our lost time.


Despite the undesired hurdle, I believe that we have established few milestones last year that will set LHGI potential growth for 2021 and next years to come.


  1. Projagg platform was fully developed and is ready to take pilot projects. (but will not be open for public yet until soft launch)

  2. Two Funds, using MAS (Monetary Authority of Singapore) regulated funds were established. One mainly for real estate acquisition and development, and another for green energy projects.

  3. Collaboration with potential industry partners and advisors were initiated.


This year has started to unfold and we are making our best efforts to execute all our plans, even with minimal resources.


Moving forward, I will be taking a new role as Lighthouse Strategic Growth Advisor. As a corporate advisor, I will still oversee to guide through our vision, to facilitate strategic growth and to help outsource opportunities . With the new executives in place, we will work hand in hand to achieve our goals and bring Lighthouse to greater heights.


Thank you for your ardent support and kind patience.

We wish all a healthy and wealthy 2021.



Best Regards,



Danny Lim

Strategic Growth Advisor