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Disclaimer: The information disclosed below is strictly meant to inform shareholders of the content presented during the privately held EGM. The meeting is a closed room meeting only meant for the shareholders of LHGI. All information below is stamped as strictly private and confidential. It is not meant to be circulated and shared with the public. If you are not an LHGI shareholder, and mistakenly receive this information, please delete and ignore and report back to the official sender at info@LHGIncorp.com, so we may take immediate action on the sender.

Shaking Hands

Dear Shareholders,




LHGI made an effort to connect and to explore synergies with another Public Listed Company, Raffles Financial Group. Listed in OTC Markets (OTCQX: RAFFF) and Canadian Stocks Exchange (CSE: RICH)

Website: https://www.rafflesfinancial.co/


Dr. Charlie In is currently the Chairman of Raffles Financial Group. You may find his CV at the bottom of the page for your reference.


As a majority shareholder of RICH/RAFFF, Dr. In has proposed to explore opportunities between RAFFF and LHGI.


On a personal gesture for an alignment of interest, Charlie has agreed to acquire some of your LHGI Shares using his RAFFF Shares.


The swap of LHGI Shares to RAFFF is based on a 370:1 ratio.


The terms and conditions will be stated on a more definitive Sales & Purchase Agreement for all who are keen to accept his offer.

His personal offer is subjected to


His general offer is subjected to:


1)  a minimum acquisition of 20% LHGI shares, up to a maximum of 29.9%, and

2)  a minimum number of 175 shareholders.


Should any of the 2 criteria are not attained, this offer will be nullified and void, unless Dr. In gives an exception.


Our hope is for Dr. In to own more than 20% of LHGI.

Once the above proposal is confirmed and signed,

Raffles Group will inject capital of up to $1M to LHGI to sustain and to embark on its new business plans. The fund injection will help LHGI to be audited, and to be SEC Full Reporting, so we can qualify for an upgrade to OTCQB.

The following are the business activities proposed for LHGI to embark on:

  1. Enabling Projagg Live

  2. REDV Fund in a joint venture with Passion Venture Capital, whereby LHGI will be acting as its Co-General Partner (www.redinasia.com)

  3. Acquisition of Raffles EMI Pte Ltd - advisory in tokenized trade finance, tokenized customer loyalty programs, digital asset exchange IPO

Frequently Asked Questions:


Q1. Why is RF keen to take shares in LH?

A1. LH has a large base of shareholders that RF needs.


Q2. What is the chance of selling RF shares as it has no volume?

A2. RF needs to increase public spread to up trading volume.


Q3. Why would one invest in RF?

A3. The financial advisory biz in SE Asia is $1.5 billion a year.

RF is making only S$10m-12m a year - it is a blue sky potential.


Q4. What is the track record of RF?

A4. RF is only 3 years old and paid dividends of $9m and $5m for FY 2019, 2020.

RF believes in distributing 75%+ of profits to shareholders as dividends.


Q5. What service does RF provide?

A5. RF is registered with the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) as an exempt corporate finance advisor advising firms on fundraising, IPO, RTO, M+A.


Q6. What is RF's competitive advantage?

A6. Our team members have a direct investment in IPO, RTO, M+A experience.

Case in point. RF got listed with a market cap of $250m within 3 months of RTO.


Q7. What is RF growth and expansion plan?

A7. RF is appointing Reps in key provinces and cities of SE Asia & China.

By 2025, RF is to have 30 Reps and each contributing S$1m profits to the

group. With $30m profits and 30x PER, RF market cap hit the $1 billion - 4x of today.


Q8. Why is there a cease trade order on RF?

A8. RF auditors did not get audit confirmations from various parties thus the delay.


Q9. Does RF have any plans for LH?

A9. LH has similar RF biz and there are RF resources LH can tap to expand quickly.


Q10. The RF Chairman has been accused of irregularities. Can you explain?

A10. He is in business for 40+ years and ALL accusations have been refuted.

RF directors and officers have to meet ALL MAS Fit & Proper Criteria.


Q11. What is the cost for shareholders if we accept the share swap?

A11. Transfer Fee of $25, and the cost to notarize the Stock Transfer Form

Subject to change if we find a better and more economical way to do it.

Please indicate your interest by answering the form below. This will help us gauge your responses and know if we can meet the proposed conditions to seal the deal.