Danny Lim

Dear Shareholders,


We have just passed Q1 2020.

The Covid virus is starting to stabilized though there are much worries about the 2nd wave of infections.


Over the past year, LHGI was focused on gearing Projagg up to scale. In fact, Projagg has been ready for launch in March, if not for this virus situation.

Going forward, 2nd Quarter will see some potential acquisition or joint venture initiatives. We had started to explore several revenue generating companies in the Green Energy, Drone, Modular Homes and even Rice Milling technology.


Should any of these deals bears fruit, we will be able to generate revenue for LHGI as a Holding company. Meanwhile, once the Covid situation is better, Projagg will begin its soft launch and gather user base. That will help LHGI increase in value.

As long as LHGI continues its vision to be a Unicorn Breeder, stay focus and be vigilant, we will definitely gain in value over the long term.

I wish everyone well and safe even during this period of pandemic

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Danny Lim

May 14, 2020

General Information:

101 Convention Centre Drive, Suite 900,

Las Vegas, Nevada, 89109.

Tel: (725) 999-5888
Email: info@LHGIncorp.com

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