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Lighthouse launching Reg S & Reg A

Lighthouse Global Holdings Inc. prepares for Regulation S and A to raise $5 million for acquisition and development of hotel and resorts projects.

NEVADA, August 3, 2021 -- LIGHTHOUSE GLOBAL HOLDINGS, INC. (OTC: LHGI), a diversified holdings company in the real estate and infrastructure investment, development, sustainable and innovative solutions and disruptive technologies, announced today that the Company is ready to raise $5 million for its investment initiatives.

In line with the Company's objective to enhance value over the long term and to strengthen current cash flow, Lighthouse will look into investments, to acquire and/or develop boutique hotel and resort projects across the Asia Pacific(APAC) region. The hospitality industry was suffering over the last 18 months and possibly through 2021. However, many reports are stating the industry is already staging a comeback in 2022.

According to Statisca, inbound visitors will be on the rise from 2021 to 2023. Oxford Economics also indicated the revenue and room occupancy will also start to recover from 2021 to 2023.

All statistics seems to report on the gradual recovery of the tourism sector. It is obvious the Pandemic has opened up both challenges and opportunities, as struggling operators and owners had called for distressed sales, especially the smaller boutiques. JLL Research also stressed that Hotels are expected to be one of the fastest commercial real estate sectors to recover once a vaccine is made widely available.

As such, investors who enter the market now will be best positioned to reap the benefits of the industry's recovery. “We sees opportunities in this sector and are ready to take cautious advantage on some selected boutique hotels/resorts with upgrading and repositioning potential”, says Jem Castro, Lighthouse Managing Director. “We understand this Pandemic has created new needs and safety issues for travelers, guests, and owners. So, we hope to restructure and redefine the assets to cater to these needs.”.

“Our investment evaluation criteria involve 3 key points, namely the Market Trends, the Potential Profitability of the projects, and the team to execute it. Lighthouse started in 2018, managing a hotel in the US. This has given us some grip on how the industry works and some positive cash flow indeed to the company. As much as we will continue our Vision to be a Unicorn Breeder, we want to jump on any opportunity that arises that can leverage on technology for growth.”

Apparently, Lighthouse has partnered with a team well versed in the sector, with solid experience and expertise to execute the investment objectives. The team has combined experience of 50 years in hotel and resort construction and management. They have built countless high luxury resorts and have work with brands such as LVMH, One and Only, Bvlgari, Four seasons, and Aman, to name a few. Bringing in luxury and technology into small boutique hotels/resorts will definitely give LHGI brand a new edge over the crowded competition.

Jem added, “Lighthouse is already in discussions with several Broker-Dealers who will underwrite the Reg A. The preparation and filing process might take several months, so, we will kick off our fundraising effort tapping foreign investors outside the US via Reg S. Our vision still remains. To see a better world through innovative and sustainable technologies, creative solutions to improve all walks of life, embrace ESG, benefiting all, especially our shareholders. This is just the beginning. We are determined to bring the company to where we intend it to be.”.

Looks like Lighthouse is determined to make this investment route work for her shareholders. The market seems ready.

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