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Projagg is in discussion with its Advisor for setting up a presence in China, Shanghai. That will help win confidence as we approach thousands of developers in China and tap into its billions of dollars development industry.

Mr Kelvin Ng, Founder/Chairman of SRE and Danny Lim, CEO of LGHI making decisions to enter the China market for Projagg China

China ia a giant market worth billions of dollars a year!

China developers are facing a huge crunch. The rush for development projects and easy loans from banks lead to a large supply of projects, and lacking demand.

So, instead of greenfield development, Kelvin has suggested Projagg also look into "Re-Development" projects, which will be a bigger turning point, for many developers. On hand, Kelvin has a huge portfolio of such request, and SRE and Projagg may collaborate to work on the most attractive 20 projects soon.

About Kelvin Ng and SRE

Kelvin has more than 28 years’ experience in the Real Estate industry in China and Asia . He was Senior VP, Ascott Holdings/ Capitaland (SEA largest developer) and oversee the Group's retail & commercial portfolio in 2001. Being the CEO of SRE, his clients and strategic partners include GIC (Largest sovereign wealth fund in Singapore), Morgan Stanley, Citic Capital, Ascendas, Maple Tree (Part of the Temasek Group ), Ping An Insurance and Vanke Group.

His expertise spread across 80 cities in Asia. Kelvin Ng was awarded by Mall China SASM (Senior Accredited Shopping Mall Manager). He is also the Deputy Chairman of Green World City, and a Senior External Advisor of Mckinsey & Company (Global real estate practice) for Asia and Middle East. Awarded by ICSC as Asian Faculty, Mall China Special Award (2006), Global Retail Leadership Award-Asia Retail Congress (2008), International Retail Ambassador Award (2009) & Awards Chairman by Council of Asian Shopping Centers (2014).

Synergistic Real Estate Management & Network Pte Ltd ,( SRE) is a retail and mixed–use development manager , investment , management consultant,as well as mall and mixed used  asset manager.Company is well known for its excellent track record, reputation for providing value–adding solutions and services; professionalism and performance–based approaches to quality management. Expert in turnaround failure projects . Township commercial planning . Use of green technology in real estate.Executive Directors of SRE and teams have accumulated more than 30 years of commercial real estate development experience in over 100 cities of 10 countries in the Asia – Pacific region. So far, SRE teams have done over 12 million square meters of retail and mixed–use planning and consultancy work. SRE’s core teams are able to provide comprehensive commercial real estate solutions through its well-trained teams and successful track record.


Being a Unicorn Breeder, LHGI is always on the lookout for new potential to acquire.

There are 3 areas we will be exploring;


Virtual and Augmented Reality can drastically improve everything we do, in very different ways. We expect huge adoption in businesses and public in 5 years' time. there will be major improvements, ease of use and adaptations, that will help many areas of applications; such as architecture, construction, medical, aviation, township planning. The list goes on. The potential upside is huge and LHGI wants to be part of this trending technology.


It is a fact that online eCommerce has destroyed retail markets as online shopping becomes much easier, convenient and extremely affordable, with complex logistics made cheap and easy. However, there are hundreds of thousands of Shopping Malls, with millions of retail shops all over the world. They are crying out for a solution to ease their worsening traffic and sales. LHGI believes instead of an Online to Offline business model, the opposite is more relevant. An Offline to Online business model is more in demand. Coupled with a sophisticated Indoor Positioning System, retailers may find an answer to their prayer.

Affordable Foldable Homes

The world is not lacking homes. The world is lacking affordable homes for the low and lower middle income families. The challenge is not about building a cheap house. There are many countries that can build very cheap homes; as little as $799 for a 120 sq ft tiny house.

What we are looking for is affordable, not cheap, yet quick to deploy, and giving dignity to the home owners. A pride of ownership is a must, to elevate their livelihood, will redirect families to strive for a better future. Our concept is to be able to find an Affordable, and Foldable home that can suit the different income group across the globe, as well as disaster-stricken area, where we can deploy 500 homes in a short period of time.

Apart from all those areas, LHGI will watch the AI and Big Data space as billions had been poured into startups; from driverless vehicles to facial recognition, artificial intelligence will play a very crucial role in our future. Scrambling for Big Data will help any businesses and governments to understand human behavior and what they will do next. These are inevitable technology that will change this generation and shake up the next.

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