This is a guideline to remove the restriction legend in your certificate

The entire process timeline will depend on how fast each of you can submit the requirements and payment. The schedule of the security lawyer will also be an added factor to the processing time. But based on the experience of the first group who gets it done, it may take approximately a month or two.

We will notify and update you at every step of the process.

If you will be swapping shares with Raffles Group, please work on steps 1, 2, and 3 first.

Do not send the original copy yet until further notice.

Thank You


1) Download the forms below, fill up the information, and sign.

a) Removal of Restriction Form 

You may refer to the sample forms below on how to fill up the information:

This is just to show you where to find the amount you need to indicate in 1b of form 144. Refer to your own SPA for the actual amount.

b) Cover Letter requesting to remove the restriction.

You may refer to the sample form below on how to fill up the information:
c) Seller Representation Letter

2) Make a Payment

Transfer the total amount of USD 460 (Does not include TT Charges)

(This rate is per certificate)

*Please note that you will need to settle the TT charges as well.

Chase bank charges US$15 for incoming wire from both international and domestic bank

Other charges may apply depending on your bank.

So, in total, you will need to transfer USD 475

Payment must be made to:

Lighthouse Global Holdings, Inc.

Bank: JPMorgan Chase Bank

Business Account: 3721385251

Routing: 021000021

Swift: CHASUS33

Bank Address: 270 Park Ave, New York, NY 10017 

Lighthouse Registered Address:

4100 W. Flamingo Road. #1488

Las Vegas, Nevada, 89103

Breakdown of Payment (All in USD):










3) Once you made the payment, please email the scanned copy of the following to info@lhgincorp.com

with the subject: Restriction Removal (Your Name)​

a. your transfer payment

b. your share certificate (front and back)


c. government-issued ID (passport or NRIC, front, and back)

d. cover letter

e. 144 Form Removal of Restriction

f. Seller Representation letter

g. SPA (Sales and Purchasing Agreement)

-this is the one you signed when shares were transferred to you. See sample SPA attached below.

-those who consolidated their SPA in one certificate, please send both the SPA too.








4) Drop the original copy of the following to our office:


a.) original copy of signed and filled-up forms:

     - removal of restriction form

     - cover letter

     - seller representation letter

b) original copy of your shares certificate

c) a photocopy of your ID (front and back)

Seal all the documents in an envelope and label them with your full name (as stated in your certificate)

You may drop and/or send via courier envelope to:

Attn: Projagg Asia Pte Ltd 

111 Northbridge Road, #21-01 Peninsula Plaza, Singapore 179098

*Make sure you address it at the right company as stated above.

The office will not recognize Lighthouse and Barons! Both these companies are not registered at the given address.

Please be informed that our current office is only shared office space.

I'm sorry but we don't have a printer and a scanner in the office now.


5) Get notified and updated when your shares have been lifted via email or WhatsApp.

How does Book Entry works?

Book-entry is a method of tracking ownership of securities where no physically engraved certificate is given to you. You can track your shares electronically, rather than in paper form, allowing you to trade or transfer securities without having to present a paper certificate as proof of ownership. All you have to do is email Justeene.

If you choose Book Entry, you will receive a shares report document from Justeene via email








breakdown of costs.png

Note that the lawyer and transfer agent only accepts PDF format. No JPEG, PNG, or other images format, please.