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Projagg News update

7-11th July 2019;

Projagg is selected to be one of the 60 Alphas to participate in RISE Hong Kong. Though it is a startup event where 16,000 visitors gather, we did attract real estate developers coming to our booth to discuss and find out more about Projagg. In just one day, we garner more than US$400M worth of projects looking for funding and solutions. on top of that, we have a chance to meet many collaborators and VCs, who may probably be Projagg's future stakeholders when we hit $1.5M in revenue. It's a really an exciting time and confirms our vision for Projagg to be a Unicorn by 2023.

29 Mar 2019; Projagg Beta

Our Projagg Platform is almost ready to be open to developers all over the world by April 2019.
We believe it will change the way developers strategize, build and market their projects in future.
We also believe Funders and Financiers will find it 100% safer to invest or loan to projects within Projagg than anywhere else. Soon, we will start to see the Funding Community insisting the Developers sit their projects on Projagg if they want funds. In fact, we also anticipate all subcontractors, vendors and suppliers will start to prefer working on projects on the Projagg platform as we ensure on-time and precise payment. We are extremely positive that in due time, all parties in the real estate development ecosystem will want to benefit from placing their projects on Projagg.


RED in Asia - Coming soon in 2020

RED in ASia will be postponed to 2020, as Projagg will be focus on entering more competitions, joining startup and Fintech, Proptech events to highlight its 2-Tier Vaultchain Technology prowess.

RED in Asia is an event that will bring more than 500 leading and aspiring developers, the funding community such as; Family Offices, Fund Managers, HNW Investors, the Institutional Financiers and the elite chain of professional service providers and vendors for two days of mind-boggling content and exciting deal making. 


RED in Asia will show what the Real Estate Development may evolve into the next 5 years. Delegates can expect to see and hear about the latest technology advancement, the new innovations that can revolutionize the entire industry and will surely disrupt and displaced the traditional old method of development and strategies.

7 Feb 2019:

Danny gave a talk on Innovation and Entrepreneurship on the 4th IEM-UEM Convention, attended by 120 University Students. Danny uses Projagg as a sample to highlight breakthrough in a traditional business using innovation and technology.

1 Feb 2019:

12 New Projagg Facilitators had been successfully trained to help Developers close deals on a win-win-win basis. These Facilitators will help developers to understand this new strategy of collaboration without acquiring land nor taking loans. We have at least 18 projects in our pipeline for these "Projaggers" to close their deals. We expected to close at least 6 deals in 2019, yielding us more than $2MM in Projagg fees.

Do visit www.Projagg.com to register your interest and be updated with Projagg's latest development.