Build a real estate portfolio leveraging disruptive technology



Real Estate is the largest asset in the world, accounting for a 10.3 Trillion dollar global industry.

Historically, real estate has been a good addition to a wealth-building portfolio. It tends to be stable. Most real estate asset classes offer a steady cash flow during the hold period. It also gives investors the opportunity to generate multiple returns.


Due to its vast, complex, and dynamic space, the industry is also right on the cusp of impactful change driven by widespread technology adoption. Technology adoption was on the rise even before the Covid-19 pandemic, but it has become essential today. The Real Estate players, builders, and spaces have also embraced this impactful change.


The number of real estate technology startups has increased 300% over the past decade, seizing the opportunity to address the industry’s biggest challenges through technology. Data released by JLL (NYSE: JLL) suggests that opportunity continues to abound in the sector’s startup landscape, with over US$9.7 billion of funding activity in the first half of 2021, the most active first half on record. Additionally, the market shows signs of maturation as funding begins to shift toward established players and increasing consolidation drives the emergence of industry leaders.

Building a real estate assets portfolio can provide you with horizontal growth since it can produce multiple streams of revenue sources that will produce an ever-growing base of steady income.

Investing in technology-driven start-ups, on the other hand, has an exponential value. This allows your investment to scale and to grow multiple times within a period of time

What if you can venture into both Real estate assets and technology benefiting from a balanced portfolio with both horizontal and exponential growth?                                                       

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In this event, we will present to you:


             How you can balance your portfolio diversification using Real Estate?


             The key strategies on how to multiply, grow exponentially while maintaining a safe and balanced portfolio

             The valuable insights on how to identify real estate and technology investment portfolio

              How can this type of investment increase its value by up to 100% in 2 years?

              The evolving property technology (proptech) landscape. 

Until now, these strategies are adopted by the world's most sophisticated investors, including multi-billion dollar pension funds and other institutional investors. 

Now, we bring your this unique strategy at a low entry-level, with mitigated risk.

This company is building a portfolio that will create multiple endless streams of revenue, all aligned with chain reactions that will propel its assets and entities to accelerate rapidly.

Know first hand before they launch the next Alibaba of the real estate and infrastructure industry?

Imagine the likes of Blackrock collaborating with Sequoia, and riding on Amazon and Alibaba marketplace, leveraging on its user base, enabling a commercial Paypal, coupled with AirBnB for project developments. How is that even possible?


The question should be why not?


So, Register now and Find out how to build a real estate and technology portfolio at a minimum amount with upside potential.

18 November 2021


7:30 pm

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